Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hey there stranger.
The trouble (it seems) with running about willy-nilly and leaving digital footprints everywhere (it seems) is that it is possible to lose track of where you've been. Despite my mad-scientist approach to ciphering my mountain of encrypted passwords and addresses and places, IT SEEMS I've lost touch with parts of myself anyway. This blog was, for example, locked out of my reach for the longest time (or so it seemed)!

I could see it - and I could meanwhile and instead access and blog on all my other platforms (as some of you know) ... but this one just dangled there - out of reach.... it seemed ...frozen ... and it was.

Meanwhile, I have been otherwise engaged in leaving actual footprints over the world - and I have so much to share from Scotland to France to my own back yard here in the Great Lakes region of the USA.

So, I am back as you see and I have much to fix and reconfigure. I've been over on WordPress --which challenged me until I understood it -- but now I am back here feeling challenged by this format! So, pardon the dust (for those of you who were once faithful followers)... I am culling and cleaning and thinking deeply about art and life.

If you go up to the top of this page and click the TAB "Collaborating with Van Gogh (again)" - you should remember the sideboard (buffet) I worked on, Hare-y Hare-y Night. Since then the top portion has been re-imagined many times over as a banner in my various online places ... nifty.

The making never stopped - I'll share it soon (ish).

Joy in this journey,
xo Katey

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumn with Vincent

"Collaborating with Vincent" - continued.

This latest series of my Van Gogh homage is called AUTUMN with VINCENT.

These photos provide a brief snapshot of the painting process (after the drying/preserving process is complete).

In order to continue to share this joy with as many buyers as possible I am still offering painted leaves in my Etsy shop at amazingly affordable prices.

Enjoy! (And do check the shop often as these leaves blow in and out quickly!)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I cannot add any more to what was already said in this post -- please read it and be encouraged. I have been.


Planning the New Year?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


I did it again!

Handmade UPcycled, REclaimed, REpurposed... 

FRESH-CATCH DRIFTWOOD (properly dried) from the shores of LAKE ERIE! 

Check out my whole new catch/batch of whimsical dimensional wall art ... being offered online until my next "live" show...
(see link below pictures) 

(clicking on any image will take you to a larger view!)

Look for them in my ETSY SHOP....

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Repurposing - hey! don't throw that out, I might "need" it later ...

vacuum tubes  plural of vac·u·um tube

A sealed glass tube containing a near-vacuum that allows the free passage of electric current.

(also called a thermionic valve in British English according to wiki). 

As I am able to get proper photos of ALL my newest little treasures - I will get them listed for your consideration in my etsy shop. THANK-YOU - xo - katey

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Medieval History—an iconic view …

Recently I was thoroughly immersed in a class on Medieval European History when I finally got a bug to paint again (such a 'creative bug' went missing after my numerous surgeries in 2010-2011). 

This past winter/spring I created four 16” x 20” canvas angel icons in mixed media. I textured my black canvases with kraft paper, plaster, and silk. I used acrylic on the portraits along with paper mosaics, vintage sari silks, and upholstery tacks.

Visit the tab located under the blog header (above) titled: BYZANTINE BOHEMIAN to see the works-in-progress!

Monday, July 01, 2013

New "TAB" added - this fish is a WHOPPER!

Under the header (above) you will find various tabs that will take you to other pages on this blog.
The first such page shows you some of my artist trading cards. The second tab "BiG FiSH" will show you various "work-in-progress" pictures of a giant wood sculpture I stained in situ (outdoors).

Here is the "studio" I worked in during the project...

During the project (which I worked on for several weeks) the weather remained fabulous. I was recovering from a serious surgery, but was still able to climb around the scaffolding - although I lost count how many times I konked my head when working on the lower portion of the fish!

"count it all joy"

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Artist Trading Cards – remember when…

Hello! It has been a very long while since I have been here in blog-land with you all!
There have been so many of you out there in the art show & art festival world that have asked to see additional art from me and even art from the past. With that in mind I will be posting a stroll down memory lane where I will be featuring older art and some never before seen treasures I have been working on more recently. 

I will be sharing my art in person at one more show this summer (below is a photo of my tent!). After the season is over, my ETSY shop should begin to fill up again… and when I am able, I will return to blogger more often!

I have been interacting and selling art online for more than 10 years. So many artists first became friends on eBay as we were making, trading and selling ACEOS (art cards, editions, and originals) – always 2.5” x 3.5”. The artist trading card as it was known in the 1800’s is still a mainstay for so many online artists! I have created hundreds over the years.

To see some of my artist trading cards (like the ones below) - click on the "ARTIST TRADING CARDS" tab located right under the blog header up top! You'll be taken to another page on this blog where they are featured! - thanks!!! 

xo - Katey

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hope-filled Art - portable & easy to share

Artist Trading Cards
- they were popular in the 1800's -- and in recent years made 
a wild resurgence due in large part to the artists on eBay 
(who renamed them ACEO; Art Cards, Editions and Originals). 
No matter what, remember that they are 
ALWAYS 2.5" x 3.5"

I have taken my bird series of paintings 
(visit this post HERE for details about the original art) 
and added scripture - and reproduced them 
in miniature as Artist Trading Cards!

You can get 
ALL 5 
art cards for just $5.55 right now 
- in my etsy shop (HERE)

This special price is for a limited time

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