Wednesday, September 19, 2007


~ 1884 salvaged wood ~


~ ELO ~

This song never fails to make me smile. The concert footage in this video is part of an excellent performance best viewed in a dark home theatre setting- on high volume!

~ 1884 salvaged wood ~

In keeping with blue skies, happy colors, and all things bright and beautiful - I am transitioning here to some folk art I created over the summer from a harvest of Lake Erie driftwood and some antique salvaged wood.

I have dozens of fish and text signs on eBay (live auctions and buy-it-now items in my eBay store)

~ 2007 Driftwood ~

Most of the wood was collected last spring - I remember one particularly cold and windy day when I was certain I'd frozen my ears off.

The color and texture on these is so rich and fun - most difficult to see in these small images. These Cirque du Soliel style fishies are really fun.

It is simple ... enjoy the music ... enjoy the folk art.

To see more (and I hope you will look) - check out "MY ART FOR SALE" in the link to the upper left.

joy in the journey,