Friday, September 17, 2010

Hold the Tuna, I'm allergic

A celebration of color - measuring 7.5" x 11.5" ... painting entirely from my imagination* onto a reclaimed piece of hardwood destined for the fire! *That is to say, regarding my "imagination", you may not expect anatomical accuracy as I take liberties, especially with color, and afterall - my imagination does include things that already exist - already created by The Creator - who is precise and anatomically correct, but also uses wild colors... I follow His lead when it comes to basic shapes and number of fins, but even then I stray... afterall, folk art is a curious thing.

I have used acrylic paints on an up cycled, reclaimed, repurposed piece of milled hardwood - otherwise destined for the fireplace!!! I also have other sizes and more seafood available - many varieties of fish and shellfish … each piece is signed and sealed after photography (to reduce any glare the camera may pick up in order for you to see as much color and detail as possible!!!). The sides are painted - no framing needed!

Collected and salvaged by me - Hanging hardware supplied

The song is ridiculously long - and silly

ALL OF MY ORIGINAL FOLK ART IS FOR SALE IN MY SHOP ON ETSY - YOU CAN BUY FROM ME THERE OR click - here ((EMAIL ME DIRECTLY)) TO BUY RIGHT FROM THIS BLOG (PAYMENT ACCEPTED VIA PAYPAL FOR YOUR SECURITY AND MINE - you don't have to sign up, you just need to use a credit card). I will send you an invoice once you have made your choice(s) and have given you a total with shipping.


Flipping Flying Yellow Fin Tuna of Happiness

Shipping for the TUNA: United States $4.50 USD, Canada $7.00 USD, United Kingdom $7.00 USD, Everywhere Else $9.00 USD

~ xo ~ katey~D

Shipping is based on weight/location calculated to the best of my ability - if it is more I will not charge you more. Each piece varies in weight (due to different densities of wood) and overall size.