Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Mr Blue Sky ~ ELO

Yes... I have blogged the song before - but it is worth featuring again.

I want to introduce an amazing young photographer and the song fits my heart's joy regarding him.

Meet Evan of DriftStudios Photography...

(C)2008 EAD/DriftStudios Photography/blueyeduckstudios.com

Check out some of his work here on JPG magazine

"Eye of the Storm"
(C)2008 EAD/DriftStudios Photography/blueyeduckstudios.com

And this amazing photograph taken on the shore of Lake Erie as a storm came down from the north is available as a print on deviant art here:


...along with an extended gallery of his work - take a look!

(C)2008 EAD/DriftStudios Photography/blueyeduckstudios.com

~(I love you, Mom)

Friday, September 12, 2008


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Phil Collins - True Colors

There is nothing like the fresh limey green of spring ... except of course the rich deep green of summer... or maybe the reddening of that green in autumn... or is it the rich green gone red gone rust gone brown before the snow of winter hides it all away?

We have a darling cottage shed in our yard
(I'll have to share pics one day).

A first cousin to this cottage shed is a tiny cottage closet sized shed. I have painted (opaque stained actually) both of them a rich forest green with crisp white trim and deep red doors.

The little closet shed I have shown here has reclaimed shutters as doors. We have hauled them all over the state in our many moves and finally gave them a home on this little structure.

In this season of transition I am trying out some new adventures of my own: one being a camera I am learning to use (no instructions please, I never read them!) and the other an editing program...again... trial and error as I won't be reading any of the user's guides ~ ha.

I have formal training in Visual Communications / Graphic Arts -- but that happened back when phones were connected to walls with curly cords and music videos existed only in my dreams (for real ... they did).

This photo editing thing is all very new to me. When I (normally) want an image a specific color or shape I naturally want to reach for gouache or ink ... not a mouse.

So here they are in all their newbie glory ~ a set of four photographs mounted on heavy 200 lb watercolor stock.

I will be adding them to my ETSY shop soon :)

Poets of the Fall

Another picture of the Work in Progress piece I am still working on (the Meadows of Heaven necklace I began to reveal in the previous post) and another reason to post a great Finish band -- this time: POETS OF THE FALL.

Someone Special ~ {Poets of the Fall}

I wake up to the sound of rain upon my sill
Pick up the pieces of my yesterday old thrill
Can I deliver this used up shiver
To how I pronounce my life
And leave it up to faith to go by its own will
Back row to the left
A little to the side
Slightly out of place
Look beyond the light
Where you'd least expect
There's someone special
A foggy morning greets me quietly today
I smell a fragrance in the wind blowing my way
And ever further I run to find herI yearn to define my life
Placing my faith in chance to meet me in half way
Back row to the left
A little to the side
Slightly out of place
Look beyond the light
Where you'd least expect
There's someone special
And she's here to write her name
On my skin with kisses in the rain
Hold my head and ease my pain
In a world that's gone insane...

To listen - press the "play" arrow on the video above

Monday, September 08, 2008

Meadows of Heaven

To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven
~ Ecclesiastes 3:1
...But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control...
~ Philippians 3:20-21a

(from "Dark Passion Play")

Summer is falling asleep and so much is changing all around me. There is nothing new under the sun… so I should not be surprised by changes in seasons or in friendships or in the way the hearts of men (women/ children) wander and wonder.

As the night air gets cooler after each sunset I feel the trees in our woods getting sleepy and I see the acorns piling up in the tired grass in the morning. I absolutely love autumn, but it is so melancholy . .. And I am not sure what to do with that. I love it. And I regret it.

The colors of this sleepy season are my favorite - our entire home is clothed in olive and deep leafy greens… rich blood reds and wines…. muted golds and ochres…so earthy and rich and warm.

I took down the double-wide Robin’s nest from the headpiece above our front door. I know at least two families were raised in the larger side of it this summer. It made me remember our many houses. I was sure that 21 years ago our little boy would be raised in that first house we lived in - but we have moved so often since then. We made sure home moved when we left those houses … and so it has. We have weathered so much here because we have lived here for so many seasons. This house has been home the longest. We have seen changes over and over and spring always comes.

I am encouraging myself as I face this ironic season of change and sleep and inevitable cold just around the next corner of the calendar. I remember that spring is a promise - as good as any earthly promise.
I remember that as kids grow and fly away and parents get old and as people change and people forget to be kind - God has promised to hold it all together. His is the only one that is sure and the only one I need to hold onto - the rest is just decoration.

I close my eyes
The lantern dies
The scent of awakening
Wild honey and dew

Childhood games
Woods and lakes
Streams of silver
Toys of olden days

Meadows of heaven
Meadows of heaven

The flowers of wonder
And the hidden treasures
In the meadow of life
My acre of heaven
A 5-year-old winter heart
In a place called home
Sailing the waves of past

Meadows of heaven
Meadows of heaven
Meadows of heaven
Meadows of heaven

Rocking chair without a dreamer
A wooden swing without laughter
Sandbox without toy soldiers
Yuletide without the Flight

Dream-bound for life

Flowers wither, treasures stay hidden
Until I see the 1st star of fall

I fall asleep
And see it all:
Mother's care
And color of the kites

Meadows of Heaven
Meadows of Heaven
Meadows of Heaven
Meadows of Heaven
Meadows of Heaven
Meadows of Heaven
Meadows of Heaven

*** Work-in-Progress Photos : a soldered glass / mixed media art necklace - still being dreamt up and worked on... ***

(instrumental version)