Collaborating with Van Gogh (again)

I've done it again...
I've "collaborated" with 
Vincent Van Gogh
I somehow feel he would not mind).
Previously I have made smallish paintings on clocks, boxes, other objects ... this time I tackled a sideboard - or "buffet" if you prefer.

(Click on the picture for FULL VIEW of HARE-y HARE-y NIGHT)

I "won" a bid for this sugary-coffee smelling beat up piece of furniture when no one else wanted her (thank-you PHOENIX COFFEE in Coventry! *kiss*kiss*hug*hug to David and Jeremy for this and the second buffet as well - but THAT buffet is another story). 

I began by sanding the sugar out of it (literally and figuratively)inside and out . Next I used wood filler in the holes and where there was damage.

I painted it solid black with the intention of putting folky fabric on the drawer fronts and sides - as well as painting a folky design on top that resembled a Bohemian area rug (whatever that might mean). 
After much painting and many weird comments from my best critics (my family)... like "wow, that's different" and "you sure are spending a lot of time on that - you must like it" to "you've never done anything like 'that' before" - I hauled it outside and sanded off two weeks worth of work - EXCEPT for the leaping Hare - I kept him... I liked him!

I suddenly realized I wanted it to be Van Gogh-esque ... even though I was skeptical of painting a piece of furniture predominantly blue (there is NO blue in our entire house). After sanding off the swags of oak leaves and weird trees and swirls that were there, I once again painted it black - right up to the Hare. Some portions of the Hare had oak leaves covering them so he also had to be "repaired". 

After sketching in some very light guides with a white pencil I began to bring Vincent's Starry Starry Night to my Hare. 

I found the most adorable glass knobs on amazon - sort of like pumpkins, but not so much orange as actually the color of the Hare! I did find a fabulous Van Gogh-y ochre colored fabric I nailed to the sides - along with some luxurious bullion fringe. There is also some lovely silky braid I used on the front and tassels  - of course!

It still has not found a proper place in the house -- it is taking quite a bit of creative rearranging at this point - but it is coming along! I am gearing up to paint sideboard #2 - SOON!

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Mary said...

Katey!!! This is fabulous!! I love all the little details and of course, that wonderful artwork on top... It is a masterpiece! I especially loved your recounting of the story of it's evolution. It reminded me so much of myself and some of the paintings I've done with layers, sandings, re-designs, etc. I'm so glad it's not just ME who follows this kind of creative revisioning! Haha! I can't wait to see the next one!

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Mary - thank-you dear one! I am SO glad we found one another again (thanks to you) xxoo KD

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

The pink text in the post - "Vincent Van Gogh" - goes to a post I wrote about him (and the "church") in 2007 - meanwhile here is the lovely tribute song to him *sigh* gorgeous XO