Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hey there stranger.
The trouble (it seems) with running about willy-nilly and leaving digital footprints everywhere (it seems) is that it is possible to lose track of where you've been. Despite my mad-scientist approach to ciphering my mountain of encrypted passwords and addresses and places, IT SEEMS I've lost touch with parts of myself anyway. This blog was, for example, locked out of my reach for the longest time (or so it seemed)!

I could see it - and I could meanwhile and instead access and blog on all my other platforms (as some of you know) ... but this one just dangled there - out of reach.... it seemed ...frozen ... and it was.

Meanwhile, I have been otherwise engaged in leaving actual footprints over the world - and I have so much to share from Scotland to France to my own back yard here in the Great Lakes region of the USA.

So, I am back as you see and I have much to fix and reconfigure. I've been over on WordPress --which challenged me until I understood it -- but now I am back here feeling challenged by this format! So, pardon the dust (for those of you who were once faithful followers)... I am culling and cleaning and thinking deeply about art and life.

If you go up to the top of this page and click the TAB "Collaborating with Van Gogh (again)" - you should remember the sideboard (buffet) I worked on, Hare-y Hare-y Night. Since then the top portion has been re-imagined many times over as a banner in my various online places ... nifty.

The making never stopped - I'll share it soon (ish).

Joy in this journey,
xo Katey

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