Monday, February 19, 2007

"It's always something" Rosanne Rosanna Dana

Have you ever heard a cell phone ring in church? Of course you have…
I think the recipients of those calls are most often mortified that they forgot to turn off the ringer…and I do think people are getting better at cell phone etiquette in church (at least where I’m at). Inappropriate cell phone use in other places...well, that’s a whole other banana. People can be amazing.
Imagine my surprise when I heard a cell phone ring in church last Sunday…human nature captivated many of us as we turned to see a woman racing out the back doors as she reached to hush the ring by answering. The number on her screen surely indicated is was worth an answer and a quick scurry out of the sanctuary indicated this to those of us who were now completely ignoring the pastor. Actually, by that point he was watching her flight out the back as well.
It was at that moment I had that cold chill of realization that my phone might well be turned on. I searched my brain for the file that told me where the phone was in the first place and then I could look to see if it was indeed on. My brain quickly let me know I left it at home (whew!).
After church, the “phone” lady came over to a few of us who were still lazing about (we laze about after church - no one is any hurry to leave… we make lunch plans…laugh…talk serious, and talk fun). She did in fact have an important call. We were each rather happy for her to have had the ring and the chance to answer.
When I got home I found my phone had a message - an URGENT message. It would have rung during church! - I, too, would have had to scurry out the back doors upon seeing the number! Did I miss some great and lofty opportunity to be reached on an important matter?
The message: “We have an emergency! The cat went down the ball return - I’m sorry! Can you get over here?”
*sigh* I was so glad I had left it at home! Ha Ha! Long story short - a friend has a residential bowling alley - and a house cat - and well, that is obviously not a good combination. Fast forward: the cat is fine - and banned from the bowling alley. And, well… maybe I will continue to leave my phone at home.

joy in the journey,

Feature art: completely irrelevant to today’s story…

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Cats...Cellphones...Flying pigs..."It's always something" ~Rosanne Rosanna Dana


sadie pink said...

"The Cat Went Down The Ball Return"...LOL!
Sounds like a good name for a band!
Love the pig.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

AAAAAAHHHHH!!! I love Flying Pork!!

(And your story's so funny, too!)

Take care,


Garden Painter Art said...

Katey: First of all, I know exactly what you're talking about regarding cell phones ringing in church. I always leave my cell phone at home when I go to church for the fear that I might forget to turn it off. I figure if someone needs to get ahold of me, they can wait until church is over. If it's an emergency, they can call 911. When I'm in church, my whole family is with me, so what could be more important than that?

Second of all: I love, love, love your Flying Pork. I collect pigs!!

Third of all: Your "contest" aceo is finished and drying and will be sent off tomorrow.

Garden Painter Art

Pressed Ink said...

Katey, I completely understand! I'm glad you left your phone at home. LOL!


May Terry said...

It is always something, isn't it, Katey? I guess that means we're alive!

As we say in AA, every day above ground is a good day.


Laurie Jones said...

I am so glad I found your blog. Oh my goodness. I can't tell you how many times my heart has stopped when another phone has gone off..and even worse, mine. In the movies was the worst place for me. Take care, Laurie

larin said...

This was so timely! My husband's cell phone is constantly dead (at the end of our contract, therefore at the end of it's life--how convenient!) and I can rarely get him on it these days. So imagine our horror when it actually rang during church a couple weeks ago! Byt he time he fished it out of his pocket and started to turn it off, it died. I pretended not to know him, but it was rather difficult with his arm wrapped over my shoulders... ;-)