Sunday, February 11, 2007

Evening Prayer...

"Evening and morning and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice."

Psalms 55: 17

I was playing around with putting vintage photographs on transparency sheets. I messed them up big time - the color was all wacky and I was discouraged. I set them aside - a bit frustrated at $1 a pop to run a hi-quality transparency sheet through the printer - and $75 to fill the cartridges is never pleasant… and that doesn’t even address the expense of art supplies and time - blah blah blah-- whine whine whine.

Sometimes things are right under our nose - and we miss them for all the sniveling and carrying on we do… if only in silent (heart attitude is everything). Having set the botched transparencies aside I moved onto other things. Last week I returned to the transparencies and looked at them as exercises in just creating and dancing with what I was partnered with. It didn’t set the music or the rhythm - it just began to happen. Expectations were not high. I painted some wood - applied the transparencies - painted some more - gathered some other treasures - and there began these series of little square prayers and dreams to hang on the wall and remind me yet again, it is not about me - it is about Him. Without the sniveling as background noise - I heard that still small voice leading me. The transparencies became “beauty from ashes” and I was able to let go of this “waste” and freely meditate on the message while the art just made itself.
A portion of scripture kept playing in my mind as I noodled with my project without pressure and without care - a song we sang in church long, long ago - from the Psalms: "Evening, and morning and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice."
An old prayer book from the late 1800’s - already falling apart - gave me freedom to tear it into more scraps... as did an old song book. I have created many of these square art treasures - which will be in my eBay store though out the coming months.

Joy in the journey,

PS ~ Yes! Those are REAL water spigot handles!


PG Cork said...

These are so beautiful! Don't you love how things do come together, when we are still enough to let them? What a wonderful story, with the perfect artwork to support the message!

Penny :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...


Beautiful--artwork, process, understanding, and writing.


Melanie said...

Katey, your blog here convinced me to buy one of these altered art pieces. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing your heart - through writing, scripture and your art!