Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"my name is ALiCE, I live in a PaLace..."

I kind of get a giggle out of Alice Cooper's many commercials - remember this one?

and NOW... Back to the WiPs (scroll down for MORE - in many previous posts).

So here began ALiCE ...

I never really know what I'm doing when I start - it just happens.

I think that is why many artists I know (self included) kinda moan at the word "commission" - because they are often so specific that they can be stifling.

When we arty-types are free to just go with whatever - good stuff usually happens.

When Alice began to be born on this canvas I looked through concert shots mostly (having seen him in ... errr... 1979 or something I can't say I remember facial details from first hand observation)... so lots of photos were in order.
As you see, his latest CD was indeed the obvious view taken.

I have a large series of Rock Faces on exhibition near Cleveland [Alice is among them] - and for those of you interested in your own custom work from me ~ you now have an idea of my style and versatility (since painting my own Uncle Bub and Aunt Netti wouldn't really give you a clue if I am adept at representation or not. ) Exhibiting famous-y mugs for you here lets you see if you like what I do...and it is just plain ole fun for me.


Solid Rock 'THE ROCK' Teen Center"


Affordable art available at


Find me on FACE BOOK ~ "Katey Duck"

Here is Alice among 13 other faces - on display at Rick's Studio 13 Grille & Bar (links coming soon!)

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Cheryl said...

that commercial is hilarious... I've missed it somehow! and just how cool is your art?!