Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Mr Blue Sky ~ ELO

Yes... I have blogged the song before - but it is worth featuring again.

I want to introduce an amazing young photographer and the song fits my heart's joy regarding him.

Meet Evan of DriftStudios Photography...

(C)2008 EAD/DriftStudios Photography/blueyeduckstudios.com

Check out some of his work here on JPG magazine

"Eye of the Storm"
(C)2008 EAD/DriftStudios Photography/blueyeduckstudios.com

And this amazing photograph taken on the shore of Lake Erie as a storm came down from the north is available as a print on deviant art here:


...along with an extended gallery of his work - take a look!

(C)2008 EAD/DriftStudios Photography/blueyeduckstudios.com

~(I love you, Mom)


Denise Aumick said...

I see the annual National Geographic award for best photo going to.....Evan! That storm one is tres cool, so is the bird and lone tree one, so is my personal fav "High Hopes".

Michelle said...

Wow, "Eye of the Storm" is amazing.

I LOVE ELO! that was my favorite band in High School!

Bridget said...

hey honey bunny katey,
just poppin in to say hello. I hope all is well with you. your son's photography is spectacular.

Leola said...

You know I'm in love with the storm! Southshoreartist!

Raspberry Grace said...

I love the song (but don't tell OH 'cos I always tease him about his love for ELO! amd other 1970's rock outfits!)and the photo is beautiful.

Love, Rasp xx

Jennifer said...

wow! Those photos are AMAZING!

Youi are loved and I have something for you. Please go to my blog to pick it up :)