Friday, September 12, 2008


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Phil Collins - True Colors

There is nothing like the fresh limey green of spring ... except of course the rich deep green of summer... or maybe the reddening of that green in autumn... or is it the rich green gone red gone rust gone brown before the snow of winter hides it all away?

We have a darling cottage shed in our yard
(I'll have to share pics one day).

A first cousin to this cottage shed is a tiny cottage closet sized shed. I have painted (opaque stained actually) both of them a rich forest green with crisp white trim and deep red doors.

The little closet shed I have shown here has reclaimed shutters as doors. We have hauled them all over the state in our many moves and finally gave them a home on this little structure.

In this season of transition I am trying out some new adventures of my own: one being a camera I am learning to use (no instructions please, I never read them!) and the other an editing program...again... trial and error as I won't be reading any of the user's guides ~ ha.

I have formal training in Visual Communications / Graphic Arts -- but that happened back when phones were connected to walls with curly cords and music videos existed only in my dreams (for real ... they did).

This photo editing thing is all very new to me. When I (normally) want an image a specific color or shape I naturally want to reach for gouache or ink ... not a mouse.

So here they are in all their newbie glory ~ a set of four photographs mounted on heavy 200 lb watercolor stock.

I will be adding them to my ETSY shop soon :)


Raspberry Grace said...

Mmm.. shutters.. lovely!

You live in a dream house Katey!

I can't pick between the 4 seasons though.. too much beauty in them all.

Love, Rasp xx

Francesca said...

These make a wonderful set!

Jennifer said...

HIya Ms. Duck! lol! I hope you have been well. GORGEOUS work as always :)

Sandra said...

Out standing blog ...Love to spotlight one of your cards on my blog with a link back. Let me know...Sandra