Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Listen and enjoy...

Keane ~ "Everybody's Changing"


I've been tagged by Sandy of

Wow- what an amazingly gifted folk artist she is - I love her work. Check out her blog and visit her ETSY shop!

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Six things about me (okay - are you really ready?)

1. I abhor lying (and all the "different kinds” of lying). 2. I have kissed a duck. 3. I must have milk in my hot tea. 4. I hear music even when there is none. 5. I feel deeply. I cry seriously, often. I know joy. 6. (and borrowed from Sandy’s list)…I talk with Jesus all day long.

Here are my six tagged people

(visit them - I think they are way nifty people).

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Anonymous said...

slide show works beautifully... and the work is even more beautiful! sighing, coveting...