Sunday, April 08, 2007


A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.
~Charles Spurgeon
Many of the artists who gather in special, small groups on eBay to support one another are a community like no other. They are chosen family. I have chosen them, and to my great delight, they have chosen me. Oh, we have our odd ‘uncles’ and wacky ‘aunts’, but we are caring and understanding and the support is quite comforting.

Several of the more ‘with it’ artists blog more regularly than I do. Many of them have my blog linked on their blogs (something I will reciprocate soon - I promise!).
Each week they blog one entry with a theme.
This week it is ‘inspiration‘.

I skipped right over the theme of “organization” (ha ha ha).


All my inspiration is spiritually least I think it is... Really, I do!
This morning... Easter morning… I was at church an hour early as another family member had technical commitments that took all of us there extra early. We drove in one vehicle since there happened to be an odd snow storm this lovely Resurrection morn!
I sat with my drawing paper and pencil and got lost in the music in my head. I draw when I worship and pray (if I am able - which rarely happens in church by the way [the drawing part that is!] - but as I said, I was early). The church band was practicing, but I had my own tunes playing in my head…

I was thinking about what an incredibly tough few months it has been with what has seemed like a barrage of continual insults and arrows aimed at my heart or the heart of my sons (which is the same as my heart to me)…
We have become something like a family walking around with our skin burned off so that even comforting one another hurts and can cause the other one pain. So, where is my inspiration in such a time?
Often it is in music, and the promises I already have hidden in my heart. AND, I am reminded: it is in FORGIVENESS.

Recently I revisited an old album by Steve Camp -- particularly the song : Forgive Me Forgive You.
I have been thinking of this CD lately while I draw and pray...and when I am driving....although I ALWAYS sing & pray while I make art... and well, also when I drive!
When I searched for the lyrics online (so as not to have to sing and type at the same time from memory) - I came across Steve Camp’s blog with a wonderful teaching on the Resurrection by John MacArthur…
An inspirational find! I needed these good, solid promises today. No sugar water & no tap dancing… just solid food and a full orchestra.
Inspiration can happen at any moment.

Domino Collage Pendants

I have been reminded again (and again, and again) this Easter of the indescribable gift given to me - that all I have ever done (or will do) is forgiven (and there is nothing I have done to deserve such a gift - yet, there it is - right there, for ME)… [[and YOU too]]
So, how willing do I need to be to forgive those who offend me?
No matter if they ever change?
That is not the question… the question is do I forgive anyway?
I have been forgiven more than I will ever need to forgive.

“I don’t know if I can forget… All the pain that you caused me. How do I deal with this bitterness that lies deep inside of me? To turn the other cheek is so hard, when the other cheek is already bruised. I want to be whole again (I’m so tired of feeling used). Forgive me, forgive you. Forgive the hurt that we put each other through. I know the Lord can heal the deepest wounds - but He begins with: forgive me, forgive you.
Love must be tender. Love must be strong to make it through the storm. We can’t trust in our feelings - we must stand in the Lord. For love is a choice that we make. A vow of our wills - forever to take… (I’m tired of hurting you - for hurting me) so I humbly come to you (yes, I come to you) Forgive me, forgive you…forgive the hurt that we put each other through…”
Lyrics by Steve Camp
...typed while singing from memory afterall !
working on it...
joy in the journey regardless of the circumstance...
~ katey
I must post script this entire 'post' as I post script the entire day - with one of my LIFE SONGS:
Take My Heart ~ by Phil Joel
(from THE most EXCELLENT CD: Bring it on)
Today’s another day. Let’s forget about yesterday. Tomorrow’s another wayto distract us from now. So here we are. The day is young. What will be? What will become? I’m gonna let You decide. I’ll be me and You be You. Why do I confuse the two? I gotta swallow my pride!
Take my heart! Take it all! I lay my life down at Your feet ‘cause I want what You want for me. Take my heart. Take it all.
Today’s another day. This tomorrow’s yesterday is now. We’re only one breath away from it all falling down. So, let’s scatter those dreams. The ashes of our own opinions! Here’s to good health, selfish ambition - creates our own custom religion. I’m so tired of myself.
Here we are the day is young. What will be? What will become? I’m gonna let You decide. I’ll be me and You be You. Why do I confuse the two? I gotta swallow my pride.
Bring it on! Bring it on! Oh, Lord, I want what You want for me. Whatever it takes. Whatever You want - Bring it on!


Wild Thread Studio said...

Hi Katester,
This writing is INSPIRED! How true the comment about your loved ones experiencing so much pain it hurts to hug each other's pain. Oh, you so touched the nail on the head of communal raw emotions. I hope your times become easier - soon. Life can be a difficult proposition.

Garden Painter Art said...

KD bug:

What a raw yet beautiful post. And yes, it's so true that a family's pain can make it hurt to hug.

Although I don't have the room to go into detail here, I can say that I know exactly what you are dealing with right now.

Fortunately, we both know the answer, don't we? Faith!

Garden Painter Art

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Thank-you my lovlies! I am completely encouraged by your words :)

I am not sad or depressed in the bigger sense (thanks for the emails & concern from everybuddy else - xo) -- this was some raw truth I needed to share as part of the journey I am on walking through some of the mine fields of life.

That is the really great thing about JOY... despite feelings of wicked pain and despite enduring really hard blows, JOY is a constant.

Thank-you KiM (xo) and Denise (xo).

Part of the healing journey is recognizing who/what the enemy is. My son has reminded me so wisely amidst pain, that we have a common enemy, and in recognizing that, we gain strength to love one another more unconditionally and focus our 'battles' in the proper direction...TOGETHER.

Forgiveness gives us power to move on in 'battle' and to 'turn the other cheek that is already bruised' be able to love despite the circumstance.

*Sigh* - I sure appreciate you all - xo


Izabella said...

wow...very powerful!

so happy I stumbled across your blog~

Deborah said...

Beautiful and warming post, my sweet little Duckie! You are so cool.......

Ivan Chan Studio said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog about my "Challenge of fear" post, I appreciate it!

I'm in the midst of procrastinating doing my taxes and thought, What better thing to do than search for inspiration from inspirational artists?

And guess where that landed me? :)

So how come we haven't swapped blog links yet?? Please let me know if you're game. :)

Take care,