Thursday, March 22, 2007

Persecuted & Afflicted

"When the morning falls on the farthest hill I will sing His name, I will praise Him still. When dark trials come and my heart is filled with the weight of doubt, I will praise Him still. For the Lord, our God, He is strong to save from the arms of death, from the deepest grave. And He gave us life in His perfect will and by His good grace I will praise Him still"

(song lyrics by Fernando Ortega)

Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!
Luke 12:24

I have created this painting completely out of my comfort zone and typical genre to illustrate a myself.
I remember a time when my son was a small boy. Being such a sweet, sensitive creative spirit lead to him wanting to wear something a bit odd one day.
I understood his sensitivity and love of people, and appreciated that his choice of clothing was based on his own aesthetic sense and not peer direction...nor my own preference. I permitted him to wear this odd little outfit he put together. In certain circumstances maybe it wouldn’t have been odd, but where we were headed I knew there would be kids who would probably tease him because they were proud of themselves or maybe even jealous...or simply because he looked different...and because it had happened so many times before...maybe it was a habit. It would have been easier for my little guy to specifically NOT choose the clothing he did, based on this previous harassment, but he had thought it through and his clothing was his own choice. We certainly didn’t look like we belonged together or were headed to the same place. I was in proper mommy-wear. I knew his heart, and I was a witness to the love and care he felt for his friends - his clothing did not matter to me.
Sure enough, we walked into the event and immediately someone condemned my son for what he was wearing. He was asked many times times why he wore what he did. Somehow, surface issues were being equated with heart issues. My son had been trying to rehearse positive answers prior to arriving there, rather than the sarcasm that would have been so much easier. After a couple repeats of “why? Why? WHY?” - I walked closer and leaned in to whisper “I wanted him to wear this because it matches the clothes I picked out for myself that are just like these...unfortunately they didn't have my size."


A nice little story about Mommy & her little boy…except that my little boy is 15 and this happened recently.

It wasn’t an odd outfit, it was an all-black outfit…with a skull motif on the pants pocket (oh my).

This boy-in-black knows his God and serves Him with all his heart. He leads a pure life and knows he is called to be a Light in a dark world. He has learned to be in the world and not of the world. His Lord has taught him to ‘go therefore, making disciples of all nations…’ and as a young man he is seeking the lost and meeting them where they are at. He often wears black, and his face shines bright with the light of Christ. Those who dwell the culture of darkness are his ‘all nations’ where he seeks to make disciples...whatever they look like. It is all a matter of the heart.

"Romans Raven": I stepped out of my whimsical and bright paintbox and created a piece I love tremendously. It is dedicated to all who are judged and criticized unjustly. You are loved with an ever lasting love - no one can separate those who respond to the love of God from the love of God. ~ xo

pressing on, pressing in ... even when it hurts so much


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Laurie Jones said...

Wow, Katey, that was a little convicting. My son also likes to wear black and we are a little uncomfortable with it. I wish I were as strong as you are to trust the Lord with your son. I guess if I really felt like my son were really reaching out and not just blending in so much I might feel differently. I guess my heart is just a little bit uneasy about letting go and trusting that God is in control. I am a little more uptight than I would like to admit.

Thanks for writing this...I do believe it...I am just being honest about my own hang-ups.

Thanks, Laurie

Wild Thread Studio said...

A wonderful painting & how interesting that discomfort was it's spearhead!
I don't get too crazy about fashion statements that are sold in mall chain stores (Hot Topic) - unless, of course, the child has taken the statement to extremes. I suspect those that are extreme have wayyy more going on than trying to express their creativity. Truly, most kids are following a fashion trend that appeals to them and that is ok, even if it's appeal is a bit dark. Teenager is a tough neighborhood!

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Laurie - thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them so much - since my son's pesecution comes from within the walls of the church by one teeny tiny segment....otherwise his Light is glowing and he is well loved.
We know the church is not perfect - the Leader, Jesus is. your discomfort, but be open to God's leading and be ever looking for fruit in your own son's life.

There is a fine line.

Denise -xo- I so understand your view. Extremity is most often a symbol of something much deeper. Again - ANY clothing is really only a figurative window (to tell or to hide what is on the inside)- it is the entire life that should be in our line of sight...the fruit of any life is the true read.
It is a matter of the heart.

You have both encouraged me - thank-you :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...


I just finished reading your story for this piece after sending you a note via the auction.

What a powerful message you're putting out there! Such strength in you, and your son.

Even in this seriousness, I enjoy the fun in this painting--it was obviously created with passion, with humor (maybe I'm just a little twisted that way, but I did love your response to people about having a matching outfit!), with love, with compassion, and with faith. To me, that's all fun; it's joyful even in the midst of a struggle.

Thanks for sharing your art and your inner source for creating it. Even those of different beliefs, religions and philosophies can appreciate what went into this painting.

Take care,


Penny Cork said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing it!

Penny :)