Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Adore You

People sometimes have a “life song” or life poem, life scripture, life proverb… I can’t possibly have just one. I have several ‘life songs’ ... four in fact, but it could change.

“Take my Heart” by Phil Joel from his “Bring it on” CD.

“Jesus King of Angels” by Fernando Ortega (I love that Fernando has many songs were he wrestles in the dark of night with worry - and then works it out and puts it in song so I can find comfort). The words to this song fit around the entire top edge of our family room…I have mentally painted them there many times. They fit once around perfectly.
"A Heart Like Mine" by the peculiar & brilliant Brayn Duncan - who nails this song on all levels.

And the newest one…bumping another one out of the top-4 spot is by DownHere: “A Better Way”.

I will explore the themes deep in these songs as I BLAHg more in the future (oh oh we can‘t wait!).

For now, I need to add some art here…
This is a watercolor and ink “art squared” piece I did while listening to Phil Joel’s “I Adore You”.
Phil Joel was the base player for the Newsboys for over a decade. Just this year he turned a new corner, leaving the band, to devote himself to his family and ministry: “Deliberate People”.
Phil is one of my heroes (he adores his Lord and his wife… I love that).

“Disappointment cuts me like a knife, but I won't be afraid. Strange operations happen all around - the audience escapes unscathed.You are my fortress in the storm ~ I will cling to You like a sailor lost in the wind…It's all about turns; turn about face - it's all about knowing more of Your grace. I know now ~ You are my sure thing. You know my heart. You know my soul.You know my comings and goings - You know it all and I adore You.There are questions there's no doubt. I trust You - and that matters now. I, oh, I adore You! To the prisoner inside this mind of mine, You know, I only know so much. Still You and You alone have shown the lighthouse glow that leads me home again 'cause You are my sure thing. I will wait for You every moment of this life…Journey closer to be refined. I will trust in You far beyond this line of sight …Journey closer to be my guide” ~Phil Joel 2002

I will soon have note cards and tiny gift cards made with prints of this watercolor piece available in my eBay store.
Psalm 103

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PG Cork said...

Katey, this is beautiful! Welcome to blog land (a little late on my part)! "Quacks of life" is perfect for you!

Penny :)