Saturday, June 14, 2008

From sand to sky - starry starry night

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I love not-too-hot walks along Lake Erie. There are piles of inspiration everywhere along the various wash lines. I stumble and shuffle through the debris ... large trees... pieces of weekend parties offshore (oh those boaters toss some no-no's in the water sometimes!) ...

In those long wisps of wood and beach rubble I see shapes that beckon to me ~~ a fish or a sign or a whimsical creature waiting at the tip of my brush -- I never see just "driftwood". It is like seeing a bunny in a cloud for me ... the wood calls to me to be painted or transformed. I especially like the oldest, deepest wash lines - where the wood has been dried and weathered the most.

When I wander from the older, dried wash lines - I move closer to the lines of pebbles and seek that illusive beach glass we all crave. So many more beachcombers are scouring the edge of the water for it now that there seems to be less. Blue used to be the magic find - but now it is yellow, orange, or red. What or if I find any good sized pieces depends on the lake and what she brings in and when. I was surprised last summer to get a bucket load (literally) after a storm - it is the most beach glass I have ever collected. I still have it in a bucket - waiting for some transformation.

Wood is still the most wonderful for me. Two years ago (about this time) I spent a coldish stormy June day with my family (on my birthday) collecting the best load ever. I ended up drying those treasures and painting about 100 pieces that sold on eBay over the following year. Last spring I went with my son & his friend to another beach nearby and about froze... I have since found my best collecting to be serendipitous - just whenever and wherever - with no assignment in my head... (oh so hard for me!).
And so it has been this spring - on warm Sunday evenings - strolling with my boys and just being calm. I grew up on the very same beaches. When I moved away for college I never would have imagined my life's journey would plant me back along this same water so that my beaches would be my boys' beaches.
God is so kind.

~joy in the journey,


ORIGINAL Contemporary FOLK ART ~ Direct from the artist (me!)
A Seaside Angel- mixed media painting - on genuine Lake Erie driftwwod

I have used acrylic paints, crackle mediums, antique mediums, and varnish -- the results are amazing rich coloration and depth!

Approx 11” by 4.5” (irregular) and about ½” thickCollected and dried by me

Ready to hang or display on a shelf ~ Hanging hardware included

TITLE: Starry Starry Night


nic2415 said...

Yay, more driftwood art!!! I was just at the beach the other day and as I sat there staring at the amazing horizon, I tried to figure out why so many Northeastern Ohioans spend thousands of dollars to sit on Florida's beaches when we have this free miracle right here. It's beautiful.

Adriana Whitney said...

I also like to collect things when I walk outside, but sometimes I run out of room to keep them. Right now I have a lot of wood that I need to start working on.
Your angel are so beautiful. Do you speak spanish?
Adri xoxo

Raspberry Grace said...

Thats so pretty Katey, thank you for sharing it.

Driftwood is lovely, and beach glass too.. but sadly not a sniff of wild water around here, we are completely land locked!

Love, Rasp xx

cuteartworld said...

I love drift wood! Wow she is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i love this duckmeister! i have, if you recall, 2 of your driftwood fish and i look at them daily and smile smile smile

Crystal said...

I spent the afternoon on the beach of Lake Michigan yesterday. I wish I would have read this post first, it would have inspired me to walk a little farther and look a little closer!
Amazing art as always. I'm glad I stumbled on your work at Etsy!
Blessings and peace,