Sunday, February 24, 2008

The 2007 Artists' Choice Awards on eBay

Alice - where art thou? 16x20 canvas mixed media collaged painting

The finalists have been announced in the 2007 ARTISTS' CHOICE AWARDS on eBay.

You may know I was the Director of the ACA in 2006 (it was hugely populated and big and transforming and it evolved tremendously with my awesome team of pressedink & dancing-girl_art ~ they are amazing) !

Keeper of the Stars 25x12 canvas mixed media collaged painting

(please check out all the previous winners here- many are winners again in the 07 Awards!)

How much more are you loved? 24x12 canvas mixed media collaged painting

As leader in 06 - I made less art (busy busy busy) and declined nominations - Since I retired from the ACA and became 'regularized' again, I was nominated this year... and WOW - my art made finalist standing in EIGHT categories (knock me over with a frying pan and call me Elmer!). Really - it is amazing.

SILENCE 16x20 canvas mixed media collaged painting

In the LARGE FORMAT (art over 14") category - I have finalist standing in FOLK ART, FUN/Whimsical/Humorous, and Fantasy/Faerie/Surreal!

In the SMALL FORMAT (art under 14") category I have finalist standing in Folk Art, and Fun/Whimsical/Humor!

In the FAVORITE OVERALL (or BEST) category I have finalist standing in Art Dolls~Assemblage, ACEO~Fun/Whimsical/Humorous, and Altered-Art!

PEACE 16x20 canvas mixed media collaged painting

WOWwee ZOWee Ping Pong Powee (to quote Melanie at thecreatorspalette)!

Although my art is migrating to another selling venue (ETSY) - I will still run live auctions at eBay as the wind blows.

THANK-YOU to everyone who supported me - and those who still do - I love you a gob!

joyfully, katey-D
Psalm 46




(a little RETRO "Jesus music")
circa 1981



Wild Thread Studio said...

These paintings are mahhhhvelous, darling! The first two are my favorites.

Francesca said...

Beautiful paintings, you are my hero :)

Altered Kat said...

Love the paintings!...wonderful subjects...brilliant bright colors!...FAB!


Sandy Mastroni said...

Yes ! saved by grace !
You have been tagged .
To learn what this means please visit my blog

and sometime [when you have time ]...
would you write and tell me about Christian women blogs ?
love Charles Stanley by the way

Please write to me ! Sandy

Garden Painter Art said...

Hey Katey: I just wanted to let you know that I think about you often.

I purchased something from you a couple of years ago, and you included a little plastic duck on a long yellow cord. That duck still hangs in my studio. Every so often, I even get tangled up in it!! But it still hangs there...

Just wanted to let you know that I still think of you and of those awesome eBay days, way back when....

Garden Painter Art

Anonymous said...

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