Friday, August 03, 2007

booger DOCTOR

I received the Illustration Friday topic this morning and with it came a link to a nifty blog (who is by the guy that suggested this week's IF topic: missing). I visited said blog and got a smile - so, that is worth sharing. This nifty blog has some nifty cartoon work:

The Lobster-Head cartoon cracked me up. It is me. I have been asked the very same MRI 'seafood' allergy question. They have assured me the "crash cart" they wheeled in next to me had everything they needed should I react to the dyes ... yea, sure ... now this is some fun.

One of my docs looks very much like muppet. I had to paint him. A couple years ago (2005) I did and then randomly showed up at his office and gave it to the receptionist (who at first was afraid of me - you know, who wouldn't be with me all stocker-y-looking at 98 pounds carrying an 18" x 24" painting... wink). After looking over the painting her concern turned to laughter ... and she abruptly ran around a corner out of view to show the other office people (laugh laugh laugh). Okay - they liked it ... ALOT.

The painting was inspired not only because the guy looks like a muppet and loves Los Lobos (you know, "La Bamba"), but especially because of this lightbulb thingy he wears on his head to cover his bald spot... Also because of a conversation hubby & I had with him once about hubby's snoring. The guy is an ENT and had historically handled our minor ear issues and did the whole antibiotic thing ... as well as being big on nasal sprays.

"VENTILATION ... the key is VENTILATION" he would always tell us.

This day he was suggesting hubby might need surgery.
Hubby asked "You do that, too?" to which Dr. Muppet stood a whole inch taller and firmly said "I' m not just a b00ger doctor, I'm a surgeon @ $ # % @ # $" -- which was very funny.

I went right home and painted it all.
Anyway - the blog I visited today with the Lobster imagery reminded me of this... so, I dug it out of my archives. Makes me giggle.
joy in the journey,
psalm 103


Melanie said...

What a great morning laugh you gave me!!!
Still chuckling,

orion713 said...


BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Hee Hee...thanks for lookin' (eeeep!) - uh ... I have been hanging around the 15-20 crowd a lot lately hee hee ... anyway

somethings just strike me funny about doc visits ...

~like why the paper gown which has the ability to wrap around the average Jill 3 times just to check out her hearing? HMMMMM

~the green walls and flourescent lighting that makes even trained athletes appear sullen and peekid?

~the posters for pharmaceuticals all over the walls advertising (to who? I can't get this stuff myself)but... wow - what do you know- I have what the poster has the solution for! What are the odds?

anyway - really... I like Dr. Muppet

nic2415 said...

You gotta do an eye doctor one. That is so funny!

Deborah said...

KD...that painting and your story is HILARIOUS! I wish I lived near you so I could follow your antics.

You are such an inspiration to others with how you live your life and spread so much cheer all around. What a treat to know you!

Dixie Redmond said...

Katie - I love your sense of humor. Hooray for you, JoyGirl.


zJayne said...

This is so fun to read...once I understand how this all works...I'll be blogging more too!

Lilly*s of London*ish said...

Hi Katey/Ducky-Just finally visited your blog and got a chance to look at some of your art-love it! Thanks again for the invite to CaaT. I bid on your wizard ATC reminds me of a Santa Dumbledore! Looking forward to the artscent (that could be a new word) swap. Gina