Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Criss Cross - Sailing

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June 6, 1944 — the day on which the Battle of Normandy began — commencing the Western Allied effort to liberate mainland Europe from Nazi occupation during World War II.

My Dad, Sam, was a gunner in the Mighty Eighth - in a B-17 Heavy Bomber… usually high above the personal battles that ensued on the ground.
How different my world is from my Dad’s - 63 years later.

Dad painted “things” while I grew up - lots of “things” -- cars, walls, furniture… anything… and everything… but no one ever considered him an artist. But what an artist he always has been! As I look at my piles of art stuff, collections, and half-finished schemes ... and when I experience brain-explosions (ie: new ideas) I know where I got it from!

He would “doodle” if we asked … and it was always fascinating… his sketches were locked in a 1940’s style… very distinct…very good.

A couple years ago I set him up with artist materials: brushes, canvas, paint…
An artist was "officially" born - one that other people could recognize.
He found his niche - at 81 he began painting lighthouse ACEO’s (artist trading card size pieces) 2.5” x 3’5”. I have appreciated it more than he knows - as he painted these tiny things - I know how hard it is to see what you’re doing on something that small…and my eyes are half his age!

He was excited to have many of his tiny lighthouse paintings sell on eBay last year. I stopped listing them because he stopped painting regularly. I covet the ones I have remaining and cannot sell them. You understand.
I’m sad he isn’t painting- he was on such a roll. His studio was packed up and put into storage by the owner of the house they are in who plans to move my parents - someday. Apparently a ‘messy’ studio is detrimental to selling a house.

I, on the other hand, think real life inside a home is essential to selling a house.

Enjoy Dad's art - I sure do ~xo~

joy in the journey,

UPDATE (JANUARY 2008): Dad is back painting! He was reunited with his supplies and is creating again. In addition to painting small works of art, he has been painting water scenes (Lake Erie, boats, lighthouses, etc) on furniture.
Most recently he has stopped painting traditionally and has been working on a 3-D 1:12 scale model of the interior of a B-17 - complete with gunner 'guys' (they are not 'dolls' mind you, thay are 'action figures' !) I hope to get photos and post them.


Francesca said...

Sam is so handsome in that photo and he paints beautifully. Wonderful that he was able to to create these pieces and I'm with you about real life inside a home - definitely essential!

Garden Painter Art said...


I was just thinking about your dad a couple of days ago, as I was looking at his lighthouse aceo I have framed in my family room.

I'm so sad to hear that he's not painting anymore. But...I sure am glad that I was able to buy one of his pieces last year.

Thanks so much for posting a picture of him, as I now have a face to connect to the aceo. I would love to see a current pic of him.

Oh, and I've finally posted my 7 facts!!

Take Care:
Garden Painter Art

nic2415 said...

Wow, you really look like your dad! That painting closest to the bottom- GORGEOUS!

orion713 said...

Awe not painting anymore! I love his work. :)

BlueGirl62 said...

Sailing is the perfect song for his art.

Thinking about you today, wishing you peace.