Thursday, May 10, 2007


you just have to be
even when
it makes no sense
to anyone else
even if they say
it is
even though
you want to shout
even though
it hurts

Sometimes you just have to be silent.

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joy in the journey,
~ katey-D


nic2415 said...

The blog archive months are in spanish. I didn't realize that at first. It must be very late because for a minute I thought to myself "who the heck are those people?" As always, I love the dominos!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!!!
Good bloggy!

Christine said...

Thanks so much for putting that wondergul poem in my comments today! I love your jewelry; it's so unique!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stacy said...

OK, Katey-D,
Since you left a comment on my "tag" post, and since I'm having trouble finding people to tag, by default and divine appointment, you've been tagged. I think people I know will want to see your blog anyway. :)

If you go to the bottom of my site, the player is there. Don't you just love hearing "Mocking Bird" first thing? How can you have a bad day if you started it off hearing someone singing the words "Yes indeed-o"?

I love your blog, too. Oh wait, hang on. I'll be right back......

Stacy said...

Ok. There. You're it.

pengie said...


Be here in my eyes
So others may see
The beauty and presence of Your love
In one who was blind but now believes
Be here in my heart
Flow through my blood
Strengthen my soul and wash me clean
A living example of what our grace has done
I will walk beside You
I give You my life
And when others seek to find You
May I be a light that shines
Be here in my hands
Give me Your touch
Use me to comfort and to build
Shelter for those who need Your love
Breathe words to my lips
So I may speak
Echo Your truth and living words
Lord, make me all I can be
I will walk beside You
Jesus, I give You my life
An when others seek to find You
May I be the light that shines
Be here in my heart
Flow through my blood
Strengthen my soul and wash me clean
Lord, make me all that I can be
Lord, please make me all that I can be

this is one of my favorite songs by Al Denson. Just thought you'd like to see it. maudie mae

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Thnak-you for the song Maudie Mae ... music moves me like NOTHING else... even in text. I can "hear" Al Denson's voice when I read the lovely words you shared. Perfect words for me...

Stacey - thanks for the TAG! ~xo~


BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Christine - thank you for the compliment back (smile!)

the poem "Home" - is a Fernando Ortega song - we are spreading Fernando-love here this week (smile)!


Denise said...

Good Morning and blessings,,,,,,, Thank you for the comment left on Samaritan Women,, I am brand new at this blog stuff,, but look forward to meeting all the women out here, I love love love your art,,,,,,,,,, My older brother is an artist so I am always on the look out to find other expressions of art.. He is landscape of Oklahoma,, I just finished his web site,, go take a peek when you have time,,

I will take a peek at your Ebay items today,,,

be blessed today,,,,,